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Price Trends for PET Bottle Scrap in August
PET Bottle Scrap Price Trend August, 2021
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The average prices of PET Bottle Scrap saw a rise in the mid of august and a slight drop in the prices by the end of August. It should be noted that the prices across the country varied by at least 5-6% and the price fluctuation due to local factors has reduced the national average.

A consistently high rate was observed in UP with ₹ 46.5/Kg at the highest. On the other hand, the lowest rate towards the end of August was observed in North-Western states like Gujarat – ₹ 43/Kg.

Average PET Scrap Price Trend in India
Average PET bottle scrap price trend in August across India, 2021

Week 1 (1st – 7th August)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹  44 /kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹  46 /kg

Week 2 (8th – 14th August)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹ 44 /kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹  47 /kg

Week 3 (15th – 21st August)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹ – – /kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹  – – /kg

Week 4 (22nd – 31st August)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹ 43 /kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹  46 /kg

Factors affecting PET Scrap prices

There are multiple factors affecting the PET Scrap prices in India. In a broader view, the prices have seen a rise due to – Gaps in Demand & Supply.

To be more specific, the other factors affecting PET bottle scrap prices in India are

In conclusion, irrespective of the bans on imports, India is grappling with a growing amount of PET and other types of plastic waste. One of the key bottlenecks in the system is the wide gap in demand and supply. Recykal has come up with an end-to-end digital solution that connects sellers and buyers of plastic scrap  

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