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CPCB Amends the SOP for PIBOs under the PWM Rules 2016
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The Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, 2016, has made the adoption of Extended Producer Responsibility Plans mandatory for Producers, Importers & Brand – Owners (PIBOs). 

As ruled, PIBOs are required to establish a plastic waste management system according to local bodies’ rules and guidelines. Before implementation, PIBOs are required to register with the concerned SPCB and/or CPCB with their EPR Action Plan. 

CPCB posted the format for the Action Plan in the PWM Rules (Annexure I) in June 2019. However, after an extensive round of interviews and discussions with concerned stakeholders, crucial amendments were suggested. 

The Amended Standard Operating Procedure for Registration of Producers, Importers & Brand-Owners (PIBOs) Under Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 has been published on 23rd March 2021. 

It should be noted that PIBOs have the flexibility to do the EPR fulfillment through their own distribution channel, direct engagement with ULBs/State designated authority, or engagement with Waste Management Agency (WMA), which in turn should engage with ULBs.

The below-mentioned guide on the amendments is in accordance if the PIBO chooses to do the EPR fulfillment through engaging Waste Management Agency (WMA). Here is a quick guide on the amendments made to the registration process.

‍Changes in registration process under Plastic Waste Management Rules, as per 23rd March 2021 Amendment

Amendments to SOP March 2021Prior to March 2021
EPR Fulfilment
PIBOs shall fulfill EPR in all the States/UTs in which they are introducing their products.Earlier PIBOs need to fulfil EPR zone wise.
EPR Target for a particular State/UT shall be equal to the type & quantum of plastic introduced by them in the market (post-consumer waste) in the specific State /UT.
The PIBOs shall apply to CPCB for the registration online on the portalEarlier the registration process was offline
The application fee shall be paid by PIBO at the time of submitting the application for Registration with CPCBEarlier there was no application fee for registration
Registration issued by SPCBs/PCCs to PWPF to be engaged with for PW processing need to be submitted during the registration processEarlier there was no such provision of submitting registration certificates of PWPFs
ULB/Designated State Authority
WMAs, if engaged, shall be enrolled with the concerned ULB/ any authority designated by the State/UT. Details of such WMAs shall be intimated to the respective SPCB/PCC by the ULB/ designated state authorityEarlier there was no such provision of intimating the SPCB/PCC about the WMAs working in the state by ULB/designated state authority
EPR Progress Report
The PIBO shall be submitting half-yearly progress reports, within 15 days of completion of the corresponding half year term – regarding the management of plastic waste for each State/ UT in their EPR Action Plan to the concerned SPCB/PCC (Format given in Annexure VIII of SOP)Earlier PIBOs needed to submit only quarterly progress reports
Legal undertaking by WMA certifying that said type & quantity of plastic waste has been collected as per EPR Action plan of PIBOs who have engaged WMAEarlier WMA could provide the undertaking stating that said type & quantity of plastic waste has been collected as per EPR Action plan of PIBOs who have engaged WMA
Copy of last Annual report (Form-IV) filed by PWPF with concerned ULBEarlier there was no provision to submit the annual report (Form IV) filed by PWPF
Copy of valid registration issued by SPCB/PCC to PWPFEarlier there was no provision to submit registration copy issued by SPCB/PCC to PWPF
PIBOs need to submit verification of said quantities of waste managed. The Agency is to confirm that said quantity of waste has been managed by the Agency and there is no overlap/duplication with other PIBOsEarlier conducting the audit of the WMA process in case of engagement by PIBOs was not compulsory
Agreement of PIBOs/WMA with PWPF
The amendments provide a detailed list of required information for the agreement 
– Copy of registration issued to PWMF to be enclosed 

– The validity date of registration issued to PWMF 

– Type of plastic waste processed at PWMF 
Processing capacity of PWPF(TPA) 

– Type of plastic waste (LDPE/HDPE/PP/MLP/PET etc) to be provided by PIBOs/ WMA 

– Quantity of plastic waste (TPA) to be provided by PIBOs/ WMA 

– List of PIBOs/ WMA along with PW qty for which PWPF has signed agreement 

– Balance PWPF processing capacity (TPA)
Earlier there was no such specific mention of information required
Agreement of PIBO with WMA
There is a format provided for the agreement of PIBO with WMA (Annexure V of the SOP)Earlier there was no such format
EPR Action Plan
There is a format provided for the EPR action plan of PIBOs registered in the state/UTEarlier there was no such format
Application form of Producers/Brand owners
Both registered address and postal address of producer/brand owner need to be mentionedEarlier only postal addresses needed to be mentioned
Need to mention the names of the states/UTs in which the producer/brand owner is operatingEarlier there was no need to mention the name of the states/UTs in the application form
Producers/brand owners need to mention the pre-consumer and post-consumer plastic waste generated in the application form alsoEarlier the pre-consumer and post-consumer waste generated need to be mentioned in the action plan not in the application form

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Click on the tab below to download the CPCB notice and the Standard Operating Procedure for Registration of Producers, Importers & Brand-Owners (PIBOs) Under Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 (as amended).

Click here to download SOP Amendment for PIBOs

Click here to download the Notice of Registration issued by CPCB

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