Status of Single Use Plastic in India

Single Use Plastic ban in India

| 3 Min read India generates more than 5.5 million tonnes of single-use plastic waste. It’s the third-highest producer of waste after China and the USA. Plastic waste pollutes rivers, soils, forests and even the aquatic ecosystem. Countries around the world have rushed to put a ban on its use. India rolled out its first rule on single use […]

EPR Challenges in India

EPR Challenges in India

| 4 Min read Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR, aims to make producers or generators of plastic, more responsible w.r.t. the production of plastic (up-stream process) and product life cycle through a waste management infrastructure. It was first introduced in India in 2012, for e-waste/electronic waste. EPR challenges with implementation in India are many given the volume of waste […]

4 benefits of implementing Deposit Return Scheme

| 5 Min read The deposit Return/Refund Scheme (DRS) is a system that incentivises the return of end-of-life products (packaging, electrical, and electronics products) through a refundable deposit. The consumer pays a deposit while buying the product and they receive the amount back when they return the product or packaging to the retailer or an authorised drop-off point. The […]

7 Key benefits of Digitization of Waste Management in India

| 4 Min read Digitization or Digital Transformation (DT) is very important to get work done, it helps analyse information, make conscious decisions, and most importantly share information with concerned stakeholders with ease. The digitization of the waste management sector in India will pave way for new frontiers and opportunities which will help address the growing challenges. Technology plays […]

Extended Producer Responsibility: A World View

Global perspective of Extended Producer Responsibility

| 5 Min read What is Extended Producer Responsibility? Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR is an environmental protection strategy or policy tool used by governments around the world. EPR has been adopted for many categories of waste, with plastic and e-waste being the predominant group of waste products. There are roughly 14 categories of waste which include bulky, difficult […]

UNEP & Google use technology to tackle plastic waste

Technology helps in building a sustainable future

| 3 Min read In a recent initiative, Unites Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) & Google have partnered to address the growing Plastic Waste Pollution in the Mekong River. Using technology to tackle plastic waste is an effective tool in bringing significant change with precision work. The Mekong River is a transboundary East Asia and South East Asia river, flowing […]

5 Steps of Waste Management for Bulk Waste Generators

| 3 Min read Bulk Waste generators as the name suggests are generators of waste in large quantities on a daily basis, and according to rules they are required to follow effective waste management practices: Ensure waste segregation in your premises Ensure 100% recycling of plastic waste Ensure appropriate disposal channels, especially for e-waste Wondering if you are a […]

Waste Burning

| < 1 Min read Waste burning is an easy waste disposal mechanism that is often used across dumpsites either accidentally or intentionally. Dumpsites/Landfills on the urbanised outskirts of Mumbai, which include Thane, Bhiwandi, Panvel, and further, have large swathes of waste that is burnt due to lack of an effective municipal garbage disposal system. Awaaz Foundation observed that the […]

The Great Business Opportunity in Asia Nobody is Talking About – Part 1

| 2 Min read Asia is marching forward as the torchbearer for developing economies. China and India are leading up from the front and countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand are fast catching up, attracting FDIs and witnessing higher GDP growth rates than the global average. The development which, at a macro level, is indicated by rapid urbanization, […]

Sustainable Packaging

| < 1 Min read The rise of e-commerce has led to the growing demand for packaging and protective fillers, which are often disposed of improperly or use plastic material in its make. As a result, there is an increasing amount of packaging waste being generated around the world. Is sustainable packaging the next step? The plastic waste disposed of […]